Train pure Attack on Runescape

If you want to level Attack, you don’t need to worry about buy runescape gold.

1 Attack:
– After about level 45 combat, TzHaar-Ket-Om PKers are pretty useless, so I wouldn’t advise staying 1 attack.
– If I remember correctly, at 1 attack, even with 99 strength, when you hit 68 ranged you can level up attack without your combat level increasing, so there is no point staying at 1 attack if you wish to get 70 ranged.
50 Attack:
– Until 60 attack, you’re better off using ranged as a main attack style and using a melee weapon like the Granite Maul to finish off your opponent.
– 50 attack is a good choice for lower strength levels. At 99 ranged/magic, getting 50 attack and 99 strength won’t change your combat level at all, so there’s no reason not to.
60 Attack:
– Getting 60 attack is a good choice for a hybrid or melee PKer, but I’d suggest getting a high enough strength level beforehand, or at least be committed enough to make use of the extra few combat levels that won’t be as effective until a higher strength level. No need to buy any Runescape gold at all.
70 Attack:
– Lots of players choose to use the Abyssal Whip to PK with, but because of its strange combat styles, you can’t train strength without also training defense and attack, meaning you will eventually gain unnecessary combat levels. Despite this, the whip is still a great choice, but I would only suggest getting 70 attack if you have a very high strength level.


Runescape update in May

I want learn more about Runescape update in May

1, Can we say that all content released before The World Wakes are considered in the past (so 5th Age year 169)?
2, What can you tell about Wyrms?
3,Is Taraket, the creator of Mr. Mordaut still alive?
4,Are there any Elder Demon that is alive?

5, Will Hazeel the Mahjarrat be featured in upcoming content to do with Zamorak? 

6, Was Palingrad,the greatest city of penguins Motherland and The Pescallion, true king of the penguins forgotten?

7. How much discount can members get when buy runescape gold?

How did Bob in Lumbridge become so skilled in repairing objects, the fact that he has the knowledge on how to repair barrows,rs money and ancient armour is outstanding… Surely there is a story behind his character/past on how he came to obtain his skills. I’d love to learn more about his adventures and lore.

RS update of May comments

First of all, the first activity doesn’t seem to be interesting but oh well free Prayer xp for me The second activity looks fun.

Finally, something for high-level farmers!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for ages! Even though I’m 18m xp on Farming but since buy runescape accounts going for 200m xp, this will be very helpful for me

Honestly, I’ve expected a lot more like quests etc. Only Farming update is the best of all from May. And wonder to sell runescape accounts.

wow…yet another month of junk updates.

I guess the most we have to look forward to is discovering what you can break this month jagex :/

If Mod MMG cares to contact me I will explain how the months work in the gregorian calendar.

In what world is the early part of the year (for the promised new skill) sometime after the end of May!!!!

I bought Gold membership on the back of MMG’s promises of a year of epic updates. His promises have been little more than bare faced lies

hope more improvement for Runescape NIS Alpha

Though the NIS Alpha is okday, it would be better if Jagex can make more improvements.And there will be more runescape accounts sold, I think. Much to see and play with at the moment.

I think there could be more tolerance with zoom feature as it still kinda seems really close when zoomed all the way out. (another thing, how do you zoom out when using a laptop, all i have is a mouse pad, had to acquire a mouse from a neighbor to test it lol)

Another thing i found annoying was all the different pop up boxes for each interface. personally what is wrong with the way it is now, maybe so it will reduce clicks so you can have several open at once but it really is not that much time consuming just clicking between tab buttons.

On the ‘Worn interface’ i think it would look much better if the display was set out like it is in the live game now, displaying all equiped items in a set order, basically displaying a character figure where they go instead of just in a line. If this can be solved, more players will be willing to pay for runescape accounts and Jagex can sell runescape accounts a lot.

I dont like how you have to access the options to be able to log out, whatever happened to the instant button click like in the live game??

Also i had a problem with the chatbox disappearing on me, i did not have the faintest idea how to bring it back. i had to log out and back in for it to reappear.

i also dont like how all different types of chat are set into different tabs, its just a lot of effort having to flick through each tab for different chats, also the flashing button icons are annoying too.

I think thats about it for now. – Will do another post with anything else once i have another look at the Alpha.

Help me for runescape 3 running

I would love to comment on the new beta an i even had my graphics card updates so i could now I can download to the login page then Im told I have wrong  , wrong email,and last two tries i was using unfamiliar I P address and was sent a link from account guardian so I could register my new IP only problem is it is the same IP im using now I did use the link and go through the security questions once to make sure and now have two place to play from both the same computer and same IP and still I got Account Guardian says im trying to log in from unrecognized IP.

YOU NEED a place to bug report the fact that you can’t get in to file a bug report and yes I know where bug reports are but in graphics or web site you need one just for beta.

I paid year membership so I could do the beta and be part of it not so I can be told I cant get in.